‘She wants more kids’: At 23, she’s the mother of 11 kids

Our today’s heroine’s name is Christina. At 23, she is the mother of 11 beautiful children whom the girl is raising with her husband.

Christina, like any other girl, dreamed of a strong and loving family. She gave birth for the first time at the age of 17. Unfortunately, her relationship with that young man did not work out and the lovers broke up.

Already on vacation, the young mother met another man. Soon it seemed to both of them that they were literally made for each other. The new chosen one of the girl said that he incredibly loves children and always dreamed of a big family.

The couple understood that the birth of twins or even triplets is a fairly rare occurrence, and for parents, it was important that the children have a slight age difference. They wanted their heirs to communicate with each other throughout their lives.

So, Christina’s lover suggested that she turn to surrogate mothers for help. The man-made good money and could afford it.

Soon ten more kids appeared in the family. She simply physically cannot cope with everyone, so several nannies help the young mother at once. Well, when a husband has free time, he happily spends time with his beloved kids.

Christina herself assures that she is incredibly happy since she dreamed of such a family. By the way, the couple even thinks about having more kids. After all, such happiness does not happen much.

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