She was discouraged from giving birth at 60, and now her daughter is 4 years old and this is how she looks

In 2015, 60-year-old Muscovite Galina Shubenina herself, without a cesarean section, gave birth to an absolutely healthy girl, Cleopatra, whose weight was 2,800 kg and a height of 49 cm. This event became a cult in Russia, this news began to be discussed not only on the network but also on programs federal channels.

Doctors, as best they could, tried to dissuade Galina from giving birth, leaning toward age, so giving birth was very risky for her, as there was a risk of giving birth to a child with deviations and health problems. But Galina decided to take this step, and in the end, she did not lose.

Unfortunately, once Galina had a tragedy. Her adult son passed away. The woman was broken and dreamed that someday she would again feel the joys of motherhood.

When the woman met her second husband Alexei, she realized that she would definitely give birth. The couple took tests at the clinic and underwent an examination. Even when everything happened, the doctors were very afraid for the life of the child and the mother, thinking that the child would definitely lag behind his peers in development.

Now Cleopatra is 4 years old, and she is an absolutely healthy child with a bunch of talents. The girl is studying foreign languages, attending chess classes, and skating. Cleopatra is a very smart girl, has an excellent reaction, and is sociable and friendly.

There is only one global problem in the family – lack of money. Her pension and benefits are only 18 thousand rubles, and Galina’s husband, working as an engineer, receives 14 thousand. Previously, Alexei’s father helped the family, he had a good pension, but two years ago he died, and now Galina and her husband make ends meet.

Cleopatra really wants a bicycle, and since her parents try not to refuse anything to the baby, now they are diligently saving up for her iron friend.

In general, the family is doing well. They do not react in any way to malicious condemnations against them but continue to live happily and raise a beautiful daughter. We hope they do well.

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