“She’s Forever Young.” 67-Year-Old Christie Brinkley Showed Her Hips In A Dress

Even without manipulation, many celebrities appear younger than their actual age. However, this specific celebrity went against all the rules.

The former model, who was extremely well-liked in the 1980s, turned 67 this year. Even yet, he appears to be twice as youthful. Fans are genuinely pondering this question: Did their beloved find the secret to perpetual youth?
Although the celebrity claims that genetics is the key to her stunning shape. Of course, this is not the only thing. She engages in wakeboarding, biking, running, and Pilates four times a week.

Christie is a vegetarian who stopped eating meat completely when she was 13 years old. As a result, she eats mostly fruits and vegetables and occasionally fish. Brinkley never uses any sugar. She can’t help but accept though because she loves eating natural bitter chocolate.

Regarding face hygiene, the celebrity believes that shielding the skin from UV rays is the most crucial practice. More effectively than any cosmetic treatment, it delays aging. Regarding injections, Brinkley only used Botox once and did not enjoy how it restricted her ability to express herself. But in addition to peels, the model frequently administers local filler injections.
Fans were able to appreciate Christie the other day when she appeared as a guest on a well-known TV show as a consequence of all these operations. Additionally, the network received unfiltered footage from the filming.

For the session, Brinkley donned a naked knit dress with a striking neckline and a high slit. And because of the outfit’s continual opening, everyone could see her gorgeous legs.
Can you offer 67 years to this stunning blonde? Brinkley received several requests from fans to share more of her beauty secrets.
By the way, Christie believes that falling in love is the most important. It appears that the model’s success in getting married four times—and she won’t stop there—was not in vain.

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