Singer Cardi B announces she never had a nanny for her daughter as she was afraid of anybody being around her

Cardi B, a well-known rapper, discussed how she has been adjusting to life as a star and a mother of two.

“I’m exhausted” was the first thing she said. Cardi and her partner are parents to a 4-year-old girl and a son who is 10 months old.

She claimed that both of her children became ill at the same time, leaving Cardi quite exhausted.

She claimed that having gone through this trauma, she now had greater sympathy for her mother, who had gone through a similar ordeal with her and her sister Hennessy.

She claimed to have never valued her mother more. She questioned how her mother handled everything. Because she and her sister used to be ill virtually constantly.

Despite how challenging it might be to raise two children under the age of 5, Cardi never considered hiring a babysitter. She claimed that, outside of their immediate family, she was terrified of anyone being near her infant daughter when she was little.

Cardi also said that without her family, she never would have been able to accomplish so many things she loves about her job.

No matter how much her family supports her, she always takes care to ensure that the burden of her obligations does not fall unduly on her parents.

She claimed that because it is her obligation to raise her children and because she loves doing it, she can never stay away from them.

And in all of her 29 years, this is the ideal time for her to have understood the true worth of compassion and caring.

She said that she has grown more likable, kind, and compassionate. She also expressed her love for all women, whether they wake up early to go to work or not because raising children is also a job.

Absent parents are the only kind of parents that Cardi dislikes. She believes that if you accepted that duty, you should be aware of every last aspect.

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