Size 50 may still appear fashionable, as evidenced by a model wearing one

Iskra Lawrence contends that one’s physical appearance is unrelated to the size of their clothing. The 50-size model serves as a model for plus-size women’s attire. 

The 28-year-old fashion model and editor-in-chef of the glamorous website Runway Riot know how to choose clothes.

Iskra spends many hours at the gym three to four times a week to stay in shape. 

The model runs a YouTube channel where she posts exercise videos and imparts fitness advice to young women. 

Iskra used to work as a regular model, maintain an extreme diet, and be very slender. She forced herself to exhaustion before deciding that the body had suffered enough. 

She no longer follows diets; instead, she uses exercise to keep her shape in check. She attempts to eat healthily.

Numerous people adore her physique. 

Fans are content to imitate her style.

She gives women the confidence and style to take care of themselves. 

A smart, self-assured woman!


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