The first animal you see will reflect your inner power

When fate pushes us to disclose all the power of our soul, all our generosity, and all the energy that we are capable of, our inner strength rises to the fore.

The animals in the image are one-of-a-kind representations of your spiritual ability. Find out what each one stands for.

Take a look at the image below and tell us which animal catches your attention first. According to psychologists, this animal attracts your attention because it satisfies your inner urge to distinguish and identify the items in the issue.

Determine what the first animal you saw represents and what your inner power is.


The elephant represents power, maturity, wisdom, and patience. The elephant is an animal with many diverse characteristics; it is the most powerful of all the animals depicted in the image, and not only physically. You believe that you can be tough in difficult situations and that you can analyze and act properly when necessary.

You are highly secure in your inner skills, but you do not put anything on others and do not want to be the center of attention. You let the facts speak for themselves, and you are well-liked by people around you.


In an emergency, your inner strength provides incredible strength and courage. When you have to make a rapid choice, you become bolder and stronger than when you ponder how to handle a problem for too long. Your speed, bravery, and assault are your greatest assets!

The lion, on the other hand, represents the soul, which strives to conceal its sentiments and emotions at all costs. You are persuaded that you will only be able to maintain your strength if you can keep your heart safe from any incursion.


If you were the first to see a deer with prominent antlers in the image, your inner power lies in your soul’s nobility and reverence for the truth. You will always attempt to be truthful, transparent, neutral, and objective.

When making significant judgments, you consider all of the arguments and think logically, leaving no place for thoughts or emotions. You recognize your own value, are proud of your spirit and intellect, and people around you recognize it.


The rabbit is a well-loved mammal that represents new beginnings, dreams, and chances. Aside from his clever antics and imagination, the rabbit has a free and fortunate personality.

The freedom of your perspective and the inventiveness of your thoughts are the sources of your inner power. You understand that you can solve any issue, conquer any hurdle and that you can always choose a new path if the road you’ve selected is closed.

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