Skull, girl, or way out? Choose a picture and find out your character!

We all think we see images in exactly the same way. However, psychologists do not agree with this opinion, arguing that looking at the same picture, we see completely different things, depending on our character and behavior.

We invite you to take our very interesting visual test, thanks to which you can find out the main traits of your character.

What do you see?

To pass the test, carefully look at the picture for a few seconds. After that, select the section of the text that matches the image that pops up in your head:


You are a very gentle and tolerant person who looks at the world through rose-colored glasses. Even in the worst person, you try to find something good and justify it to other people.

This character trait allows you to make many friends. But keep in mind that bad people are always bad no matter how good you treat them. Give good, but within reasonable limits, otherwise, you will run into a vile and difficult betrayal.


You can be congratulated for having a natural charm. You are undoubtedly the soul of the company and have a large social circle.

But you don’t have many truly close friends, because you are always afraid to fully open up to a familiar person. We advise you, nevertheless, sometimes share your feelings and experiences, and do it in the frankest way.

Way out

There is no situation in life that could deprive you of optimism. You always try to believe in the best and infect the people around you with your optimism.

Optimism is, of course, good, but still, we advise you to sometimes look more realistically at the environment, otherwise, you are in danger of getting into very big trouble.

Take our test and share it with your friends and relatives on social networks so that they too have the opportunity to determine their main character traits!

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