“Sleeker than a 16-year-old daughter”: emaciated Jolie was again caught by the paparazzi

It’s no secret that A. Jolie gave up after parting with her star husband, and besides, she could not avoid a long depression.

All these shocks led to the fact that she lost weight and still cannot return to her usual form.

The paparazzi regularly caught the star, who had thin legs and arms, and in general, she did not at all look like herself, the beauty that we are used to seeing.

A little later, she nevertheless began to go out and seemed to have come into the right shape, but the fresh pictures that the paparazzi managed to take again speak of something else. The star was walking with her daughter Zakhara, who has a normal weight, and next to whom she seemed completely emaciated.

Her thin legs were visible only at the ankle, but so it was clear that the boots were too wide for them. I would like to believe that Jolie will return to her body and perk up because this is very important for her health and for the peace of a large army of her fans.

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