“So Courageous!” She Took The Risk Of Marrying A Single Father Of Six Children

They are happy to have a huge and friendly family.

A few years ago, Anton Kudryavtsev gave birth to a large number of children. He previously had a wife and three children, making up a complete family. An ultrasound during their fourth pregnancy indicated that they were expecting triplets.

A lady was given a cancer diagnosis in the last weeks of her pregnancy, however, casting a cloud on this joyful news. She battled a dreadful illness after the birth of her children with all of her strength, but cancer ultimately prevailed, leaving Anton without help.

After all that had occurred to this family, the narrative was captured on television. After the show aired, Anton started to receive several letters and messages from kind women offering words of encouragement. However, one of them managed to capture a man’s attention. After exchanging letters for a while, they still chose to go on a date with Lyudmila. Anton came with all of his kids, and he was delighted to learn that his new buddy and the kids had a language in common right away.

The two of them engaged in a love relationship, and eventually, they were hitched. Lyudmila already had a kid from her first marriage at the time, but she had no qualms about the idea of having a large family. Lyudmila does not conceal herself, although at first, it was challenging since she had a lot of anxieties and was also exhausted and out of the habit. Instead of standing aside, Anton nearly always assisted his wife, and with time, they became accustomed to doing daily tasks.

The most intriguing part is that they eventually adopted two additional kids, a boy and a girl who had been abandoned by their biological parents and ended up in an orphanage.

The kids became a part of this family very fast. The fact that Anton and Lyudmila have a large, close-knit family and will soon be moving into a spacious home makes them very happy.

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