Socrates asks an intriguing and yet tough inquiry regarding his wife and children. I was curious what my hubby would say

As you may recall, Socrates, the great philosopher, and father of many children used to walk to the square and pose a challenging question to his contemporaries. One of these questions I attempted to bring up in our group conversation. Here’s what happened as a result of it.

It was an ordinary fall evening. The members of the household went to their rooms. Socrates has been read by me. One question took me by surprise. “If there is a fire and you can only save one person, will you save your wife or child?” he questioned.”Of course, a child,” all the guys said. “And I shall save my young wife,” Socrates added. We will grieve together, and she will bear me more children. And if I save the child, I will suffer both for myself and him. His look will always bring back memories of the catastrophe. And the kid will lose all his siblings and sisters, as well as his mother, and he will be given a stepmother who will be unable to love him as his mother did. Of course, the issue raged on for a long period.

Socrates’ question about his wife and children

I was curious what my hubby would say. He said, without glancing up from his book, “A child.” Everyone will work together to save the child. He is helpless, and… I don’t know, I will save everyone, but if just one, it will be the youngster. I mentioned Socrates to him. He set the paper down. We talked about it all evening. It turned out to be absurdly tough.

Both went to work in the morning, while the children went to school and kindergarten. I had a hectic day and had forgotten about Socrates. In the evening, my spouse informed me, “I feared they were going to murder me at work today.” During a break, during dinner, he began talking about Socrates and posed a question to his coworkers. The solutions were self-evident. “I claimed that in the evening, I responded it myself, but in the morning, Socrates persuaded me with his reasons.”(for me this was a revelation). Everyone had stopped eating, according to my husband. They began yelling and screaming, summoning friends and colleagues from different departments. Finally, they summoned the women from the accounting department, who began to ask in unison, “Have you lost your mind? You have the option of changing your wife. Your blood runs through the veins of the child!” Salvation arrived in the person of a leader. When he realized that no workers were present on the field during working hours, he hurried to the voices and dispersed the unlawful rally.

When the husband came to work, he discovered a pensioner, his coworker, there. He didn’t take part in the argument, he skipped lunch owing to his workaholism, and he didn’t truly communicate with anyone at work. “What was all the commotion about?” inquired the veteran as he sat down to relax. “No, here a philosophical disagreement emerged…”, the husband inquired. And, by the way, the old guy was a family man: he and his wife had been married for forty years, he and his wife had three sons, each of whom built a house with his own hands, he had five grandkids, and everyone loved to visit him.

“And what, did everyone say they would prefer the child saving?” the elderly man pondered. “And I’d go with my wife! Children who are visitors to the family grow up and leave the nest. Yes, they love me and I love them, they visit. Yes, but each is a ripped piece. And I shall die with my wife”.

This old man’s insight astounded me. I wondered whether it was because we have so many divorces that we don’t appreciate the family properly. Perhaps the most important thing is not our children, and everything is done for them? Perhaps everyone will be happy only if parents prioritize each other above all else?

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