Someone discarded a cat with “glassy” eyes. But the new owner’s devotion generated a true miracle

“We are accountable for those we have tamed,” is a basic fact that, regrettably, many people nowadays forget.

A young veterinarian once discovered a box on the doorstep of one of her customers. A small kitten with a huge wound on its neck was inside.

The mother rushed the foundling to the veterinary emergency room, where he was stitched up. However, the kitten’s neck injury was not its sole distinguishing trait.

The veterinarian quickly called a notice of the animal’s unique look. The pet has large, glass-like eyes and a short lower jaw.

The mother initially assumed it was merely an anatomical characteristic, but after further testing, it was discovered that the kitten had Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which is characterized by a malfunction in collagen production, as well as a primary dislocation of the lens.

Despite the pet’s health issues, the veterinarian chose to take him to her and give him the life he deserved.

The kitten was dubbed Porg by its new owner after a Star Wars character with large eyes.

The pet has entirely forgotten about his flaws owing to the attention and care of a caring household. Despite his condition, he is quite energetic and enjoys playing.

We previously wrote about Berta, a 9-year-old Chihuahua who was assisted to overcome obesity by a new owner.

We are certain that Porg will live a long and happy life with such an owner, and we hope that his story will inspire others to help animals with unique needs!

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