Someone smeared the kitten with construction foam and threw it in the trash

This incident took place in the USA, in the state of Oregon, and only thanks to the attentiveness of the garbage disposal service employee, it did not end tragically.

One day the garbage collector was emptying the street container as usual. Suddenly, the man heard a desperate meow and noticed that something had stuck to the wall of the tank. Turned out it was a kitten.

It was impossible to look at the animal without crying. The kitten from head to toe was covered with construction foam. The entire muzzle, including the eyes, was covered with a viscous material. The kitten could not see anything, was breathing with difficulty, and could barely meow. His hind limbs were limp, and the baby could not move them.

The man took pity on the baby and took him to a waste processing plant, where, with the help of his colleagues, he cleaned his muzzle a little from the foam. After that, the kitten was taken to the nearest veterinary clinic, where the doctors have already got down to business thoroughly. The doctors said the baby was about eight weeks old.

Fortunately, in general, the health of the kitten did not suffer, but the baby, of course, will not soon forget the horror experienced. Currently, Washington County police are investigating and trying to find those involved in the crime. In the United States, animal cruelty is severely punished.

Well, the kitten itself is still recovering from stress under the strict supervision of the workers of one of the local shelters. Soon he will grow a new coat, and the baby will be ready to be attached to a loving, caring family.

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