“Spasms prevent me from singing and walking”: Celine Dion suffers from an incurable disease!

Muscle stiffness syndrome has been identified in Celine Dion. The 54-year-old Canadian musician has an incurable condition.

The Grammy Award winner has a disease that causes uncontrollable muscle tenseness. This disorder eventually fixes the body in stiff positions, turning the person into a “living statue.” The person eventually loses the ability to walk or communicate.

Celine addressed the crowd today. The singer claimed that while there is no known cure for her condition, there are numerous therapies that can help delay the onset of symptoms. The singer had to postpone her European tour due to her critical condition.

“I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I’m prepared to finally explain what is happening to you. I’ve struggled with health concerns for a very long time, so talking about what I went through was difficult for me. I recently learned that I had an extremely uncommon neurological condition. One in a million persons are impacted by it. Although we are still researching this unusual ailment, we can now say with certainty that it was the root of all of the spasms I had,” explained Dion.

The performer acknowledged that the symptoms significantly impact her life. She is not as active as she once was. When she realizes this, Celine feels terrible. “Spasms have a significant impact on all elements of my everyday life. I occasionally have trouble walking. I sometimes can’t sing the way I used to with my vocal cords,” Dion admitted.

The mother of three is battling a horrible illness and trying her hardest to return to work. Celine mentioned that she has a great group of doctors who give her the help and care she needs. Celine expressed her gratitude to her doctors and her beloved kids for their assistance and support during this trying period.

Dion acknowledged that she is sorely missing her audience and is eager to get back on stage. “To increase my strength, I exercise daily with my sports medicine therapist. I must admit that it’s difficult to wait for another performance opportunity. I really really miss you. When I perform for you, I miss having you there to watch it. I believe I’m making progress toward rehabilitation. This is my objective, and I’m doing everything I can to get better,” the singer continued.

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