Spitz Snowball conquered the net with his cuteness – just look at this fluffy lump (video)

This adorable Pomeranian lives in South Korea. He is still quite small, but has already managed to win thousands of hearts all over the Internet. Take a look at this miracle!


A tiny pom-pom named Snowball belongs to Johan Kim from South Korea.

When a Korean got a puppy, he could not even imagine that his pet would be so popular. A snow-white lump is able to melt even the coldest heart.


Snowball has a wonderful personality. This kid loves to be the center of attention, although he can be shy with new acquaintances at first. After he gets used to and opens up. But despite his size, Snowball can stand up for himself, and is not at all shy.


Dogs of this breed are active, love to play and have excellent hearing. They are loyal to their owner and will always protect him if they feel something is wrong. The maximum height of this breed is 22 centimeters.

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