“Star relatives”: how Rihanna’s brothers, Keanu Reeves’ sisters, and other celebrities’ close relatives look

Today you will see how these famous people’s relatives look. Do you think they’re comparable?


This well-known singer has numerous brothers and sisters. Rorry and Rajad Fenty, her siblings, are pictured below.

Also, our heroine has half-sisters and brothers.

Pictured is her sister  Candy.

She also has a brother, Jamie.

K. Reeves

Few people know that the star of The Matrix has a charming sister, Kim. In addition to her, the charismatic actor has a sister from her mother’s side, her name is Karina, and she works as a producer. 

Also, our hero has a paternal sister – Emma, ​​but the actor has no connection with her. The fact is that the father left the family when the boy was three, after which they did not communicate.

N. Oreiro

And here is Adriana, the sister of the Wild Angel star, who works as a fashion designer.

A. Grande

The older brother of the artist, Frankie, is a rather creative person, by the way, today he runs his own YouTube channel.

What star brothers or sisters do you know?

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