“Starship Troopers” Dina Meyer: how was the fate of the actress?

She began her career very brightly, starring in films that were an incredible success. True, she abruptly disappeared from the screens later. Where is Dina now and what is she doing?

Meyer immediately began her career in cinema with very significant roles. She first appeared in the television series Beverly Hills 90210, which at that time was very popular among young people. And a little later, the audience again saw the aspiring actress already paired with Keanu Reeves in the film  “Johnny Mnemonic”.

Dina also took part in the serial film “Friends”, which was also famous for its great popularity among the audience. And later she appeared in the cult Starship Troopers, playing the role of a brave soldier. It was this role that provided Dina with a fine hour.

Unfortunately, after this role, Mayer abruptly became unclaimed in the world of big cinema. For some time she was still called to act, but it became impossible to revive the departed glory.

Today, 51-year-old Dina continues to act actively, though in low-demand films that are popular only in narrow circles. Not much is known about Dina’s personal life either. There are rumors on the net about her past romances with famous stars, although now she apparently has a lover, with whom she often posts common photos.

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