Stylish trump cards that Monica Bellucci uses very skillfully

What Monica Bellucci looks like now and what stylish features you can peep from her.

Monica Bellucci is impossible not to admire. The Italian conquered the whole world with her charm, charisma, and incredible beauty. Of course, now Monica is   57 years old, and she is far from young. But this magnificent woman manages to remain attractive even in her sixties. We look at how Monica Bellucci looks now and what stylish chips you can peep from her.

Monica Bellucci now

Bold haircut

Long black hair has been Monica’s trademark for many years. But as she aged, she ditched her luxurious head of hair in favor of a short haircut. She wears it with long ragged bangs. With such a hairstyle, the actress looks bold and fresh. Another proof of how a haircut can rejuvenate a woman.

Light and flying images

Despite the fact that Monica Bellucci now prefers dark and muted shades, her images never look “heavy”. This is because the beautiful Italian chooses light and flowing fabrics, such as chiffon or silk. This gives her image the desired ease and lightness, which is not enough for ladies over 50.

Fancy prints

By her example, Monica proves that you can wear clothes of bright colors and unusual prints at any age. The main thing is to choose the right style. Take, for example, a gray leopard print raincoat. Classic cut, unusual colors – and a chic look is ready! By the way, leopard, along with floral, is the favorite print of the actress. And from flowers, except for dark ones, she prefers red and emerald.

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The asymmetrical cut is also loved by Monica Bellucci. Let the dress be strict, but an unusual cut will help you stand out from the crowd. The more complex the outfit, the richer and more luxurious the woman looks. Also, the asymmetrical cut stretches the silhouette and visually makes the lady slimmer. Monica mastered this technique to perfection.

Sensual images

Many women over 50 prefer to choose baggy clothes and hide an already imperfect figure behind hoodies. But Monica Bellucci went the other way. She opts for formal suits, pairing them with corset-style open tops. And even though her figure is no longer so chiseled, and often a tummy is visible in evening dresses, this does not make the actress less attractive. Her trump cards are magnificent breasts and slender legs, so Monica boldly puts on dresses with deep necklines and skirts with a high slits.

Carelessness in appearance

Excessively neat outfits give the impression that a woman spent several hours in front of a mirror to look younger and fresher. But too emasculated images only give age. Take a look at Monica: she is not afraid to combine elegance and casualness. For example, in this denim suit, she looks simply stunning!


Rarely in which photo you will see Monica Bellucci without stylish accessories. The actress knows what exactly they “make” the image. For example, for Paris Fashion Week last year, Monica wore a gray suit with a bright belt,  a massive bag, and big glasses. Agree, without these details, her image would look boring.

As you can see, even at 57 you can look gorgeous. Monica Bellucci is now an example for many women. We can admire her style, or we can try to apply the actress’s fashionable tricks to our wardrobe. After all, there is nothing complicated in creating a light, sensual and bold outfit.

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