“Such a willpower!”: this woman lost more than 500 kilograms and this is how she looks now

She is even recorded in the Guinness Book Of Records

Pauline Potter, an American woman, recently shared with her followers that many of her ancestors resemble her current self. Surprisingly, she has even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records. Pauline mentioned that her ex-husband was thrilled to be sharing a bed with a celebrity, as only the most inattentive person would have failed to notice her fame.

“In a moment, I realized I was tired of being that size,” Pauline expressed during an interview. Motivated for change, she decided to seek the assistance of a bariatric surgeon.

Prior to undergoing the transformative surgery, the doctor ensured that Pauline followed a proper diet.

Over the course of ten years, Pauline diligently worked towards achieving her ideal body. It is challenging to recognize the slender woman as the same person who once sought help from specialists.

Pauline has undergone a remarkable transformation, and she only wishes she had taken this step earlier. How do you perceive the changes in our heroine today?

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