Such Bravery! Penelope Cruz, 48, made an appearance on a magazine’s cover topless

Penelope Cruz, a Spanish actress, and model pleased her followers with a daring picture shoot.

Consequently, the celebrity was featured on the Dust gloss’s New Year’s cover. Cruz posted a picture of her posing in just her underwear and without a shirt. While standing with her back to the camera, the artist playfully conceals the bust with her hands.

Penelope, 48, adds to her sexy appearance with free hair and vibrant makeup. The artist briefly signed the frame, “Merry Christmas!”

The star’s followers were split into two groups as a result. “This is the view at 48!” “Like a girl, just wonderful!” “This is absolutely the sexiest lady in the world,” were some of the comments made by those who were astounded by the idol’s beauty.

Some, though, believed Cruz had overdone the photo editing: “How old is this photo?” “Is she 14?” “Why so much photo editing?” “You’re very skinny,” “Please feed her someone.”

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