“Suitable for granddaughters!” Al Pacino, 81, is dating Jagger and Eastwood’s 28-year-old ex-girlfriend

The legendary actor Al Pacino is a quick learner. A well-known man’s new pastime was recently captured on camera by paparazzi. The 28-year-old Nur Alfallah and the actor’s connection were made public.

Recall that Mick Jagger and Clint Eastwood previously met with the model.

On the most recent pictures of a couple, internet users immediately left comments.

It has been said of the former Jagger and Eastwood, who are just 28 years old, that “And the girl’s lip is not durra,” “A stunning pair, all ages are prone to love,”

“Look amazing together,” and “Al handsome at any age” are among the things that have been said.

The comments accompanying the paparazzi photos said, “I wonder why he needs a girl at this age”. Post your thoughts in the comments as well.

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