“Surprise Heir”: Hollywood Icon Al Pacino Faces Unplanned Fatherhood at 83

For the 83-year-old actor, the arrival of an heir at his advanced age was unexpected, and now he finds himself obligated to support a child he did not plan for. Hollywood star Al Pacino has been ordered to pay his ex-lover, Nur Alfallah, $110,000 upfront as an advance for the newborn child. Additionally, he is required to deposit $15,000 annually into a fund for the son’s education, allocate $13,000 for a night nurse, and cover any medical expenses not covered by insurance. In addition to these payments, the 29-year-old mother of his child, Nur Alfallah, will receive $30,000 in monthly child support.

Al Pacino began dating the young woman during the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to their relationship, Nur Alfallah was romantically involved with Mick Jagger, among other celebrities and wealthy individuals. After the birth of their child, Al Pacino parted ways with his active romantic partner, who promptly returned to one of her former lovers, 62-year-old billionaire Nicolas Berggruen. Alfallah seems to prefer older suitors, perhaps in anticipation of inheriting their wealth in the future.

As for the newborn, his arrival was highly unexpected for Al Pacino. The actor even underwent a paternity test because he was convinced that he could no longer father children. The tests confirmed that the infant is indeed his son. This marks Al Pacino’s fourth child, with his other children being 34, 22, and 22 years old. It is unknown how they reacted to the birth of their new brother, Roman, but Al Pacino himself considers the baby’s arrival a true miracle.

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