Susan Sarandon, 76, Faces Clothing Criticism and Responds Perfectly to Haters

Susan Sarandon is a famous actress known for her bold choices both on and off the screen. She’s been successful in Hollywood for a long time, starting with her role in The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1975. Her performance in Thelma & Louise even earned her an Academy Award nomination.

Susan doesn’t shy away from expressing herself, both in her acting career and personal life. Recently, when some people criticized her outfit at a red carpet event, she didn’t use words to defend herself. Instead, she shared an old picture of herself confidently wearing just panties, shutting down any debate on what’s “appropriate” for her.

Beyond her acting, Susan is a supporter of body positivity and always speaks out for causes she believes in. She doesn’t let age bother her and focuses on what’s important. In an interview, she said that understanding the value of time helps her prioritize meaningful things and surround herself with vibrant and adventurous people.

When asked about staying young, Susan’s advice is simple: laugh a lot, exercise, eat well, and protect your skin from the sun. She also credits having a great makeup and hair team for helping her look good.

In summary, Susan Sarandon is a unique and confident individual who doesn’t let critics bother her. She stays true to herself and follows her own path. What do you think of her response to those who criticize her?

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