Sydney Sweeney Talks Glen Powell Romance Rumors on SNL with Surprise Appearance

Sydney Sweeney hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time with musical guest Kacey Musgraves. During her opening speech, she joked about some things she’d seen about herself online. She talked about someone not believing she used to work at Universal Studios because she mentioned knowing characters from there. She also joked about a TikTok claim that someone was her nutritionist, saying she stays fit by running and watching her diet. She then mentioned a crazy rumor about having an affair with her co-star Glen Powell, which isn’t true. She assured everyone that she’s engaged to Jonathan Davino and they’re happy together.

Sweeney and Powell joked about the rumors again in a sketch during the show. In another sketch, Sweeney played a cheerleader trying to seduce a basketball-playing dog named Air Bud.

Before the show, there was a promo where Sweeney had a cute encounter with cast member Michael Longfellow. They had a brief chat about books before parting ways.

Since her breakout role in Euphoria, Sweeney has been getting a lot of attention in Hollywood. She starred in several movies, including Reality and Americana. She’s also set to star in a psychological horror movie called Immaculate.

Sweeney and Powell are looking for their next movie project after the success of Anyone But You. There might even be a sequel to the movie, hinted by Sweeney on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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