“Table-Like Legs!” Fans Did Not Appreciate The Photo Of Kardashian In An Invisible Set

Not everyone can boast of such beauty at 42 years old

Kim Kardashian, 42, displayed a figure reminiscent of the early 2000s. It’s as if those 23 years never occurred, isn’t it? According to the comments under the most recent photo of Kardashian, not all online users admired the diva’s eternal beauty.

Why shoot these pictures at 42? After all, the ages are different. The hand, what about it? Why is her finger missing?

Such small legs, and at last she didn’t Photoshop her legs to be longer.

What don’t you like? Not everyone can brag about such beauty at 42 years old.

“Do commentators have a better shape at 42?” said the mother of numerous kids. “Beautiful.”Is this girl really 42 years old? “, he said, as if age didn’t exist.

Did you like the picture of Kardashian? Do you agree with the commentators?

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