Take a look at the touching video! Look how a little boy meets his newborn sister! (video)

Everyone may watch the family videos that the Maltbys upload on YouTube. Their 48k followers are rather remarkable. They share footage of their vacations, daily activities, family get-togethers, and a new family member!

Their son Briden first saw his newborn sister in one of the videos. And he was thrilled to meet her! He is holding a balloon and some flowers!

Bryden and Dad are approaching the space.
A baby scream is heard out of nowhere, and the father informs his kid that it is his sister who is weeping. Father and kid go inside the space. Her sobbing abruptly ceases when Briden first meets his sister Harper. She could sense her elder brother’s presence.

The youngster starts to cry because he is unable to control his feelings. Everyone breaks down in tears as they greet the new member in a heartwarming moment.

In an effort to get a better look at his sister’s face, the brother approaches her. His mother hugs him while opening her arms wide. Briden is able to lean in and kiss his sister because Mom is holding out her hand. This older brother is going to be terrific. He will stand by his sister’s side constantly. She now has a guardian!

Harper has the cutest, tiniest feet! Bryden was six years old at the time. Two years later, they are already able to play and interact with one another.

Newborns develop a greater level of confidence in their parents and siblings the more attention and affection they get. Families are united by an unseeable power.

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