Take a peek at the kids of this gorgeous Hollywood couple!

When Jason Momoa was just 8 years old, he first met his future wife in a popular 1980s comedy. At first glance, he fell in love with the girl and made up his mind to meet her someday. The youngster vowed to himself that he would unquestionably find the woman of his dreams and wed her.

After 18 years, Momoa and Lisa Bonet reconnected. Jason and Lisa first spoke during a gathering of friends. The pair have not separated since that time. Despite their striking age disparity, Jason and Lisa were hailed as Hollywood’s most attractive pair.

Lisa is, incidentally, 12 years older than Momoa. After being married, the couple had two adorable kids. The men, in my perspective, received the finest from their parents.

In spite of the couple’s split announcement, internet users think the famous family will soon get back together.

It’s heartbreaking to watch such a lovely couple split up. Hope they soon get back together!

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