The 1-year-old hero dog saved the life of his owner from a 6-foot shark (video)

If it wasn’t for his loyal dog, he would certainly be in a much worse situation.

This is just one of the wonderful arguments in favor of getting a dog as a pet. They are willing to risk their lives to save us and will do everything for us. One day, he could even protect you from a shark attack as this brave dog did. On that particular day, James was out fishing when the line started to become really tight.

He battled to reel it in for almost fifteen minutes, but it turned out he didn’t have to… A huge shark was at the opposite end. When the animal turned and tumbled to the ground, its jaws caught in James’s ankle, preventing him from getting rid of the hook. That was just awful. He began to shout for assistance, and fortunately, someone heard him and came running.

He drove off to find his 1-year-old bulldog, Darby, waiting for him in the car. The dog managed to open the car doors and run to aid him after recognizing that it was his owner’s voice. He hurried down to save the owner after spotting him. The dog bit the shark at first, but the shark bit even harder.

The dog persisted nevertheless, and eventually went and grabbed his tail. James finally succeeded in throwing the shark back into the sea, whereupon it swam away. Without his devoted dog, he undoubtedly would be in a worse predicament.


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