The 105-year-old grandfather was very afraid to pick up his great-grandson. Here is his cutest reaction (video)

This 105-year-old great-grandfather was looking forward to the precious moment of meeting his great-grandson for the first time. Yes, and how else? Not everyone gets the chance to babysit great-grandchildren!

Parents Susan and Jason Zwoliak have been waiting for this moment ever since their son Easton was born.

They brought Easton to meet a great-grandfather named Pap five days after he was born. Susan and Jason have great childhood memories of Papa and were very happy that Easton was lucky enough to meet him.

When Pap first saw Easton, he was overjoyed.

Of course, he was a little worried, afraid of accidentally dropping Easton.

Therefore, he was in no hurry to take the baby in his arms.

But Susan convinced the Pope that everything would be fine, and persuaded him to take the child in his arms. After a couple of minutes, Pap cautiously held out his hands, obviously nervous.

When he finally took Easton in his arms, his face was transfigured with happiness. Susan could not hold back her tears as she watched the old grandfather turn into a little boy with a face enchanted with joy.

He looked Easton in the face and began nodding his head.

Easton slept, but feeling the warmth of his great-grandfather’s arms, he woke up.

Grandfather hugged him to his chest, and Easton made himself comfortable, clearly comfortable in his great-grandfather’s arms.

Parents watched with pride as their grandfather stroked the baby’s face and beamed with joy.

At such an advanced age, it is not so easy to find a source of joy. This meeting meant a lot to Papa.

He was delighted with the opportunity to spend time with his grandchildren.

Watch this touching meeting on video:

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