The 13-year-old boy and his furry friend have become new stars of their neighborhood (video)

Having a furry pet was something Matt had always wanted, but he was also aware that it came with a lot of responsibility.

He had no idea, though, that he would have such a good companion and that they would end up being inseparable.

The 13-year-old child, who is Australian like his parents and has always been captivated by wildlife, thought that adopting would be a better alternative than purchasing because he is so close to it all.

So, he and his parents made the decision to visit a farm one day. When they saw a newborn alpaca, they decided to adopt him.

The creature whose life he had just spared became his closest companion. These two have been inseparable ever since that day.

In their area, the cute animal by the name of Chewy rose to prominence.

Of course, the well-known animal also has an Instagram account, where he has over 233,000 followers.

The endearing alpine and his human companion inform their admirers about all their exploits. They are just too cute.

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