The 16-year-old dog, who had been abandoned, finally found the love and comfort he needed most

How someone could ditch a creature that has given them nothing but love and loyalty is beyond comprehension.

Jake, a lovely dog who is almost 16 years old, has spent a lot of time in the shelter since his previous owners decided to part ways with him.

Of course, Jake found it extremely difficult to adjust to having to live in a shelter after spending 16 years with his family.

The poor creature was terrified and perplexed. He awaited each day, fearing retribution from his family.

Carmen, the shelter’s owner, did her hardest to find the dog another home because everyone was so concerned about it.

After a few attempts, he finally connected with a group that assured him they would find sad Jake a place to live. One of their ideas calls for Jake to live among other older canines who are in a similar circumstance.

They greeted the puppy with open arms, eager to show him the affection he so desperately needed.

The adorable guy has put all of his difficult times in the past and is now enjoying life to the fullest owing to the good people’s efforts, the dog is already feeling fantastic.

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