The 45-year-old mother of seven looks like a 20-year-old girl. How does she do it?

The Anslow family, who live in America, has seven children. But looking at this family photo, you are unlikely to be able to immediately find the mother of the family. After all, it seems that these are just three adult sisters. What is the secret of her beauty and youth?

This super mom is called Jessica, according to her, after the birth of her eldest daughter, she was depressed, due to the extra weight she gained during pregnancy.

But she was not sad for long. The woman realized that sitting on the couch, eating buns, and crying that she couldn’t lose weight was not an option at all. She pulled herself together, began to engage in physical activity and she managed to return to her previous shape, even better.

When both the fifth and sixth children were already born, she studied at home, at least twice a week, and always eats right.

Look at these pictures, they show girls who have a 20-year age difference. Jessica is admirable, she has set an example to follow not only for her family but for women all over the world.

At the moment, Jessica has an account on the social network, where there are already more than 230 thousand subscribers. In her blog, she shares recipes for an ideal figure and motivates and supports many.

Now Jessica maintains her blog on Instagram, which has more than 230 thousand subscribers. She gives practical advice on how to achieve such an appearance and keep yourself in shape.

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