The 46-year-old star of “Titanic” washed off her makeup on live TV, showing herself without photoshop

Agree that not every star beauty will dare to show herself without photoshop and cosmetics. Many representatives of the fair sex are scolded in the comments that, they say:

“Too much photoshop”, “Artificial”, and “All redone”.

The other day, the 46-year-old star of the cult film “Titanic” decided to show herself without embellishment. Kate Winslet removed her make-up during the live broadcast, appearing without photoshop and cosmetics.

Netizens were delighted with Kate’s honesty.

“Kate, bravo for your courage”, “I appreciate your honesty”, “True star, a legendary actress”,

“Best”, “Learn from Kate”, “I give you a standing ovation,” and I read rave reviews from Internet users.

How would you rate the honesty of a Hollywood diva?

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