The 55-year-old diver got quite surprised to come face to face with the large bull shark, who turned out to be pregnant

He was close to the Florida shore when he unexpectedly spotted a large bull shark.

Diver John Moore, 56, snapped a snapshot of the predator after spotting it and posted it on his Instagram account.

It certainly caught his attention and astonished him. At the time, he was swimming alongside several sharks, but this one drew his attention the most—and not by accident.

The diver thought the predator was probably pregnant, and that’s the key point. Based on her actions, Moore came to these conclusions.

“She didn’t skip a meal, and I believe she was pregnant.

She was a really dominating shark, and as I dove, she began swimming boldly toward me, which I also noted,” John added.

In actuality, this species of shark is extremely slothful and moves more slowly than others.

Their primary food sources are big invertebrates, sharks, and dolphins. They ingest their live prey and any excretions as well.

They are around 65 centimeters long when they are born and grow to be 1.5 to 2.5 meters long as adults.

They give birth to 3 to 13 fry on average during a gestation period of 10 to 11 months.

If we’re talking about males, they behave rather aggressively against any and all of their potential rivals, which may even include people.

Their testosterone levels are far greater than those of any other vertebrate, which helps to explain this in part.

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