The 85-Year-Old Legend Claudia Cardinale Stuns with a Changed Appearance

Many fans of Italian cinema remember Claudia as a slim and young beauty and seem unwilling to reconcile with reality.

Unfortunately, even stars age, losing their former appearance over the years. The rare appearances of an actress aging naturally have caused a stir on the internet. “In my opinion, it’s necessary to retire at the right time. So many beautiful actresses no longer appear in public, and there is meaning in that.”

Fans want to remember them as young and beautiful. “For her age, she looks wonderful,” “Claudia was and remains a beauty,” “Time spares no one.”


“Alas and oh,” “What do the years do to us? It’s hard to believe that Claudia was once the muse of Delon,” “A wonderful actress and a luxurious woman,”

“Even at 85, there is still grace in her,” I read under the new photos of the Italian cinema diva.


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