The African albino child converted her oddity into dignity

Nature sometimes makes its own alterations to people’s looks. Albinism is one example of such a transformation. This is a hereditary condition in which a person does not have the pigment melanin. This tendency is more widespread in persons of Slavic look than in members of the Negroid race. 

So, eleven years ago, Ava, a blond girl, was born into the Clark household. The girl did not resemble her parents; she was completely fair, with a white complexion and hair.

 Albinism is distinguished by more than just its skin tone. Generally, eyesight declines as well. That was the case with Ava. She had to attend a blind school. Nonetheless, owing to the physicians, the girl gradually improved her vision. 

Ava is currently enrolled in a typical American school. Also, the child is quite active; she enjoys sports, particularly jogging and gymnastics. 

It’s difficult not to notice such a distinctive appearance, thus modeling agency bids poured in. Ava has already participated in picture sessions for international publications such as BOOM Magazine and VIP Magazine. However, the youngster considers her greatest success to be appearing in a video for her idol, singer Beyoncé. 

Albinism in Africa is no longer feared in the modern world, but rather draws public attention. Previously, albino children were targeted because some people believed their bones had therapeutic abilities.

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