The American discovered the dog at home, despite the fact that the door and windows were closed. He figured out the puzzle and adopted the puppy.

When American Jack Jokinen of the American city of Philadelphia awoke at home, he needed to find an explanation for an apparently intractable conundrum – how an unknown dog came into his apartment with locked doors and windows. Surveillance cameras graciously offered the solution: at night, the wind unlocked the partially closed front door, allowing a stray dog to enter. And a passer-by slammed the door open wide.

The American described how he discovered an unknown dog in his house in the morning.

According to Jack Jokinen, he examined all of the apartment’s doors and windows, but they were all closed. A camera set in front of the entrance door revealed the animal’s teleportation power. After a stroll with his dog in the evening, Jack did not close the door firmly, and a strong wind blew it open at night. A stray dog saw a tantalizing refuge and decided to visit it.

According to the video cameras, the dog just stepped into the open entrance

A passerby observed the open door and closed it after the animal had already gone inside.

Jack went to the vet with an unexpected pet.

And her health was not in good shape.

It was discovered that the dog is nine years old and does not have a chip, making it nearly hard to determine who owned it. The dog’s vitals were good, but her teeth were in bad shape, and she hadn’t had the necessary vaccines. Furthermore, fleas were found on her skin, and one of her paws lacked a pad.

The dog was called Susie by Jack and his wife, and they opted to keep her.

Susie went to the clinic and had all of the necessary immunizations, as well as having all of the fleas removed from her fur coat.

The couple currently owns one dog, but the second will not be cramped in their home.

The owners established a fundraiser to cover all of the dog’s medical expenses.

If they have more money than they need, they will donate it to charity, according to Jack. And if no one contributes, they will have to cope on their own.

Susie has become a local celebrity as a result of her extraordinary story!

According to Jack, he and his wife intend to give Susie a comfortable retirement.

And you couldn’t ask for a better home for Susie!

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