The baby koala insisted to stay with his mother hugging her during the entire operation

He kept hugging his mother and it seemed that it all paid off.

There are still a great many people who maintain that animals are emotionless.

Such tales, however, demonstrate how intensely these creatures may feel on a daily basis.

They experience more emotion than we can ever fathom. The recent incident in one of the clinics stunned the Internet as a whole and received millions of views.

It is about a young koala named Phantom who remained at his mother’s side during her operation.

Koala required surgery because she had been struck by a car and sustained facial injuries in addition to lung problems.

Luckily, there was no damage to the infant. Waiting for his mother to open her eyes, he was just concerned about her. The team concluded that it would be best to leave him with his mother after some consideration.

It appeared like everything had paid off as he continued to hug his mum.

Everything went off without a hitch, although the mother had to continue receiving treatment thereafter. The rescuers took care of the infant until his mother was fully healed.

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