“The best swing performance!”: The audience laughed as the big guy got on stage to swing

Their performance is really engaging!

In the 1990s, John Lindo and his dancing partner Deborah Szekely competed West Coast Swing competitions. No one expected much from the duo, all because of the man’s big stature.

However, it was them who won the dance contest in the end! It was one of those day, that John gained his fame. 

It was really fun and interesting to watch them dance. John Lindo had been dancing for 20 years. The country-western genre served as the catalyst for his dancing journey. Later he developed a great interest in West Coast Swing, where he quickly succeeded. 

West Coast Swing require absolute harmony between the partners, and this is exactly how the duo performed. According to the history of West Coast Swing, the dance’s current incarnation first appeared in the 1960s as an homage to Lindy Hop.

Over 9.5 million people have watched the video of Lindo and Szekely dancing since it was posted in 2008.

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