The blind cat follows his new “mom” everywhere

The red cat was owned by his owners for nine years before they decided to get rid of him. He had lost one eye, and the other was so infected that the veterinarians were unable to save him. He was accepted into a local shelter. The cat underwent surgery to save his life. Following that, the orphanage hoped to find him a new home. However, it is difficult for older cats, even sighted ones, to find owners. 

However, things did not go as planned. Annie Tennyson fell in love with him the moment she saw his picture online and read his story. She went to see him at the orphanage the next day. He curled up in her lap and stayed with her the entire time, according to her. He turned out to be exactly the type of cat the girl was looking for, so she decided to adopt him. 

After that, Annie and her friends went to get Scooter a new bed and toys. Despite his blindness, he quickly adjusted to life in his new home.

He still runs into walls from time to time, especially when he runs out to meet his mistress when she returns home, but she notices Scooter seems to feel her: he always follows her, sits on her lap, and sleeps next to her on her bed. 

She observes that cats with disabilities are the most loving of all, as they require extra attention… 

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