The boy asked his dad for a toy dinosaur, he ordered it but made a mistake with the size. Just some 3 meters! (video)

Theo from Guernsey (part of the Channel Islands), is already a big fan of dinosaurs. One day, the boy asked his dad, in typical childish style, to buy him the biggest toy carnotaurus a man had ever seen.

Usually, such children’s requests go unheeded, but thanks to a happy coincidence, a truly giant pangolin appeard in the boy’s family garden.

“Dad, I want the biggest carnotaurus you’ve ever seen”.

Such a request came to Andre Bilson, the father of a 4-year-old boy named Theo, who adores these pangolins and probably represents the future of paleontology.

A man without any parental excuses brought it to his beloved son.

Well, you can say he brought. And not he himself, but a team of loaders.

Here he is! Its name is Chaz.

He is so big that seven men couldn’t move him.

It is not surprising, because its length is 6 meters, and it weighs about 2 tons.

They had to use a crane.

Dad didn’t lie. Most likely, he really did not see a larger dinosaur replica.

The approximate scale of the “toy” is 1:1

Andre joked that he wouldn’t be surprised if the neighbors thought he was a Jurassic Park freak.

Where did Andre get such a guy?

He got lucky. The search for a suitable toy was sluggish, but Theo’s mom sent the man a link to Jersey Tamba Park on a nearby island, which, as it turned out, was selling its dinosaurs. In Andre’s words:

When I looked at their website, I thought it was about three meters long and could be placed next to the hot tub – that would be pretty fun.

It wasn’t until the Channel Seaways guys who were doing the hard work trying to get him out of Jersey told me the dinosaur wouldn’t fit in their truck that I thought, “Wow, it must be about six meters.

Then I realized that he would not fit anywhere except in my very small garden.

It was a lot to pay for the dyno, but £1,000 was worth it!

By the way, there was a hitch with delivery. For her, the director of the park apologized to Andre and, as compensation for the delay, gave him his younger brother Chaz – another toy dinosaur that you could see in the first photo.

Grand Appearance of Mr. Chaz.

Theo was delighted! Now he has a pet dinosaur.

At first, the boy refused to leave his dinosaur even for a minute, claiming that his new best friend Chaz would get bored alone.

However, you must go to school, even if there is a 6-meter pangolin in your family’s garden.

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