The bride did not let her friend to the wedding because of the dress she chose for her

Some say that female friendship does not exist, others refute this. And the smart ones, as in, explain that sometimes, due to a whim or eccentric emotion, even the strongest friendship can collapse. For example, because of a too beautiful dress.

Meet Alina. She is a German model and it shows right away.

But it’s not about Alina herself, but specifically about this dress. The girl has a girlfriend, or rather, an ex-girlfriend who is about to get married. And as it happens, she approached the task too seriously, began to prepare for six months, and personally chose the outfits for all the guests. Well, maybe not for everyone, but this particular dress and it was for Alina that the future bride chose herself. Based on the principle of beauty and effectiveness.

The dress really draws attention. Especially on Alina – that’s why she is a model.

It would seem that the deed is done. But literally on the eve of the wedding, Alina received a harsh refusal – the bride forbade her to come to the event. And all because Alina looked “too beautiful” in the dress, and the bride became jealous and offended. In principle, it can be understood.

But the bride herself chose the dress! Women’s logic, as in-jokes.

Alina did not grieve for a long time, but instead published a story and posted a photo in a dress – letting other people admire it.

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