The cat went to his owner for eight years, not knowing that he was no longer alive

Bubby is a cat with a difficult fate, whose life has developed in an extremely sad way. Once upon a time, a Canadian named Boyd found Bubby in his yard, practically in front of the door. The cat was three-legged and without the tip of a tail.

Boyd took pity on the poor cat and let him into his house. So Bubby found his home and a loving owner. The man loved his pet very much and it was mutual.

One day, Bubby disappeared, and during the search, his owner died. The neighbors tried to find the cat, but nothing worked and they thought that it would never return.

For eight long years, no one heard from Bubby. And all of a sudden the cat returned to his home. He had no idea that his owner was no longer alive.

In the house where he once lived, tenants have long been replaced. The neighbors told them what was happening and they let Bubby into the house, the only way they managed to catch him.

After that, Bubby was taken to the veterinarian for examination, who prescribed the necessary medications and procedures. Then he was taken to a shelter.

But for a long time, he did not stay there. One of the employees of the shelter, having heard his story, felt sorry for the poor cat and decided to shelter him. Now he again has a warm home and a loving owner. Long-life to you, Bubby.

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