The cat who had been rescued due to the kind husky named Lilo now has become the leader of a husky gang

Have you ever seen a cat with a bunch of dogs all to itself?

Discover Rosie, a cat that enjoys strolling beside her dogs.

It turns out that he is the one who commands the dogs since they always follow him and are prepared to defend him at all times.

The three huskies completely adore and will do everything for their feline sibling. When Rosie was only a few days old, everything began.

Even the people who came to his rescue did not think they would be able to save the cat because of how badly he was discovered.

The kitten resisted drinking milk because it was so weak.

Then they had the bright idea to entrust Lilo, a loving husky, with taking care of the cat, and as a last resort, they decided to entrust the cat to a dog that had previously handled a similar situation.

And it will be worthwhile… It was spectacular how the dog and cat connected.

Rosie quickly started to regain his strength and will to live.

He even began consuming milk. Lilo cared for him as if he were the mother of Rosie.

These 2 were inseparable after that day. The cat and his dog brothers are now constantly in the same place and travel everywhere together.

Rosie has obviously played with Lilo the most up to this point.

The truth is, their parents temporarily took the cat home with Lilo, but due to their strong attachment, they were unable to do so and chose to keep him forever.

The other husky pals he had then made him friends right away, and the two of them embarked on numerous adventures.

He became a vital part of the gang and its leader, which gave his parents the idea to take him out in chains.

Given that he has spent his whole life mimicking his dog brothers, it is not at all strange that he believes he is a dog as well.

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