The cat with the heart-melting eyes and face!

A kitten was found walking the streets by itself in North Carolina, and it was taken to a vet clinic there. 

She had a neck wound and an upper respiratory infection, according to the assessment. 

She was everyone’s favorite at the Cabarrus Veterinary Hospital. She was a cute, devoted little thing. 

She was too young to be an adult cat, and since they didn’t know her exact age, they estimated that she was about a year old. 

She didn’t even weigh 7 pounds, and her missing teeth frequently caused her tongue to stick out. 

She enjoys interacting with people, particularly when they cuddle her. In the hoodies, the crew would frequently carry her around like a kangaroo.

They didn’t give her a name, but because of how much her ears resembled those of a young Yoda, they gave her the moniker Yoda Cat. 

They will start seeking a permanent home for her after she has recovered fully.

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