The couple celebrated the “Golden Wedding” by repeating the pictures of the past

It’s always nice to see positive examples of long and happy marital relationships. OUR editors offer just such a story.

Family happiness of spouses from Iowa (USA) lasts more than half a century. In mid-March, they celebrated their “Golden Wedding”.

The couple was looking for a way to celebrate the big day in a special way, the idea to recreate the atmosphere of their wedding belonged to Caroline. To the woman’s surprise, her husband Kelly also showed interest in filming.

The couple turned to professionals for help, in the photo salon “Two Hoyles Photography”. The owner himself, Sam Hoyle, caught fire with their idea. For maximum similarity, the photographer organized not only shooting in the church building where Caroline and Kelly got married but even repeated the entourage from the wedding pictures taken as a basis.

The most phenomenal thing is that the couple not only kept their wedding dresses but even managed to act in them. The “bride”, who managed to fit into a girl’s dress, was especially pleased with this fact.

Their current photographs are exact copies of those taken 50 years ago. Over the years, the couple has experienced many different events. They have three children and four grandchildren. A few years ago, they had to fight Caroline’s cancer and Kelly’s kidney transplant. According to the spouses, their experience is hardly unique.

They, like other couples, overcame difficulties together and supported each other in difficult life situations.

Together they worked for the sake of family well-being and enjoyed good moments.

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