The couple decided not to have children so as not to grow old. This is what they look like at 60

It’s rare to hear of show business couples that have been married for years. But this couple proved that love can survive anything.

Lu Songxian and Mai Jinting were once the most famous Chinese actors. Especially their popularity came in the 80-90s of their career. We will not list their roles, since these films did not reach us. But now we are talking about something else.

It turns out that the spouses are second cousins, and for 14 years they met but did not dare to officially marry. And at some point, they made a spontaneous decision during the next trip and got married without notifying either relatives or parents about it.

Lu and Mai decided to just enjoy their happiness and not pay attention to talk and gossip.

It is worth noting that, by mutual decision, the couple decided to abandon the children for several reasons: less stress and spending, and hence a quiet life. A calm and carefree life is the key to slowing down old age.

This is what they look like now at 60.

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