The couple raised a tiny squirrel and now this beauty lives in their house

Fate gave him a friend. The guy returned home and saw that the squirrel built a nest right on the bed! In a house made of twigs, leaves, and pine needles lay two tiny babies.

The man decided to help the squirrel and called in professional rehabilitation specialists, Michael and Christina. The problem was that the squirrel did not make contact and did not try to pick up the babies. She became interested in collecting materials and entrusting the crumbs to people.

Specialists tracked the mother squirrel and found her old nest. It turned out that it was destroyed during construction and mom was looking for shelter for the children. She brought them to people.

Michael and Christina took the babies in and began to feed them. Unfortunately, one baby was very weak and could not survive. And the second crumb from the pipette was fed, warmed, and cared for. The baby was named Thumbelina.

Rehabilitologists tried to find friends among relatives for the squirrel, but squirrels are loners and do not like relatives. The baby grew up with people and for a long time lagged behind in development, it was difficult for people to teach her to climb trees, actively play, and get food.

Now Thumbelina is an adult and beautiful squirrel. She loves her rescuers very much and enjoys spending time with them.

The Oriental squirrel has never learned to be a squirrel, it does not jump, but walks and prefers to rest with its family instead of active games.

Michael and Christina love their fluffy baby very much!

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