The couple, who used to feed the cat every day, found out that there were also 5 kittens waiting for their mom…

A cat showed up in their yard at the beginning of this year, and it was clear that it had made the proper address choice. The cat looked to be asking for food.

The couple gave the cat food and water when they first met her, but it turned out that the cat was quite timid and would not allow them to approach her very closely.

But the cat went back there the next day as well. They became closer to the cat day by day as a result of her frequent visits and lack of fear.

Every evening, they awaited her arrival and even designated a special space for her to help her feel more at home.

After some time, they started to notice signs that are typically present around nursing mothers, which led them to believe that there might be kittens nearby.

On that particular day, the cat repeatedly turned to face the couple as if inviting them to follow her.

They finally met up at the bushes, which were a few streets away from their home.

They were shocked by what they saw at that precise time.

Five tiny kittens were concealed among the bushes.

The babies noticed their mother at that time and rushed over to her.

They made the choice to bring them home and care for them until they could be adopted.

At the time, the infants were roughly 4 weeks old.

The couple found permanent homes for two of the kittens when they were old enough to be adopted.

The mother and her other kittens were all sent to the shelter since there would be a much higher opportunity for them to find their forever homes there.

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