The cross-eyed cat has been waiting for his forever home for almost 1 year, hoping to find the most caring family

Even though Ben Franklin was a little uneasy when he first came to the Animal Welfare Society, no one could help but fall in love with him.

Without a doubt, it was because of his distinctive eyes and facial attitude.

Ben always appears depressed, yet nobody seems to be affected by it.

Contrarily, it really makes him utterly endearing and quickly draws everyone’s attention.

His special eyes are extremely adorable, and they catch everyone’s attention right away.

When people first meet him, they frequently assume that his eyes will deter potential adopters, but this is not the case.

Potential adopters are always paying close attention to him.

Their hearts melt the moment they first lay eyes on his adorable face.

He’s been waiting for his moment for a year, but the problem is that he’s not as kind as others would want.

But those who are now responsible for his care didn’t give up and are holding out hope that someone would show up to provide the cat with the attention it so desperately needs.

He also receives a particular medication-assisted diet, which is crucial for him.

There must thus be someone who will care for and do all that for him.

Even if things are a little on pause, for now, his shelter pals are optimistic that he will quickly adapt to his new home and be able to come out of his shell.

Ben just wants to be loved and cared for by a family forever.

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