The cute picture of a dog kissing his best friend dolphin went viral all over the world

We’re anxious to disappoint you a little if you believe that dogs can only be a human’s best friend. The idea is that dogs can get along well with both people and other creatures.

The tale of these two lovely friends, which we will now share with you, completely astounded everyone.

In Florida, a dog became friends with a dolphin whose pictures have won the hearts of millions of people.

A year ago, when Gunner and Delta first met, their friendship started. They became legitimate Internet stars very soon.

In this beautiful tale, a dolphin and a dog win everyone over right away. This dolphin dwells on GrassyKey Island in Florida, in the coastal sanctuary of the Dolphin Research Center.

Marie Blanton, who owns the dog and works for the same organization, regularly walks her dog to work.

As a result, the dog sees his best friend immediately after each visit.

The dog’s owner anticipated the dog would become irate and begin to bark when they initially arrived.

But the thing is, he responded in the exact opposite way. He simply collapsed there and began to scan the area.

After a few times, Marie began to notice that whenever they were with Gunner, Delta was frequently the first to swim over to him. Dolphin also brought his toys in the hopes of playing with the dog.

Gunner was only two months old when the dolphin, an 11-year-old Delta dolphin, first came to the island. Gunner is eight years old now, and their relationship has only become closer.

Despite their few contacts, they are still good friends, and their connection is unaffected by distance.

The first to sail in his way to greet him is the dolphin, who regularly observes the dog. The story of these two spread like wildfire.

When the tweet was first published, it earned over 1.3 million likes and over 255,000 retweets.

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